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The SWIFT Trust: Asset Protection Planning with the Swiss-Wyoming International Family Trust
by Inga Ivsan, J.D., LL.M. (Estate Planning)

This treatise offers an overview of fundamental principles governing asset protection planning, including the history and evolution of the asset protection trust, fraudulent transfer laws, and creditor challenges to many popular structures. Ivsan outlines the 2007 Wyoming laws recognizing the qualified spendthrift trust, as well as Wyoming laws governing the regulation of private trust companies. Additionally, Ivsan provides both background and a technical explanation of the Swiss hybrid trust, a planning technique first developed by Lighthouse Trust in Switzerland. Explaining how this formidable planning concept is synthesized with Wyoming trust law to create an efficient planning device, Ivsan shows how the Swiss-Wyoming International Family Trust – aka the “SWIFT” Trust – constitutes a state of the art asset protection solution in contemporary times.
Treatise materials include the Wyoming Qualified Spendthrift Trust provisions and the complete Wyoming LLC Act. Available for sale through Amazon and other online book retailers.

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